“CoMe Theses”, collects extended abstracts in English of particularly interesting BA, MA, and PhD theses.

The main fields of research covered by “CoMe” are interpretation (liaison and  conference interpreting, linguistic and cultural mediation, spoken communication, etc.) and translation (academic and literary translation, audiovisual translation, technical and scientific translation, written communication, etc.).

Monika Pelz Director at CoMe

CoMe Theses 

Veii: A Study of Five Tombs from the Orientalising and Archaic Periods. A Proposal of Analysis for Anglophones
FAUSTINO DARDI (faustinodardi@gmail.com)

Experimental Research into Process-Oriented Translation Studies. Assessing Cognitive Effort in Translating Metaphor: A Case Study Based on TAPs
FAUSTINO DARDI (faustinodardi@gmail.com)

Translation of “Geaddet, gepostet, WEBFAIL! Die peinlichsten und lustigsten Facebook-Einträge”
ELEONORA DE ANGELI (eleonoradeangeli@gmail.com)

Court Interpreters  – Conversational Analysis of the Trial against Amanda Knox
FIAMMETTA FERRI (fiammetta.ferri@yahoo.it)

Linguistic Archaeology and Architecture of Contemporary Italian – ‘Language Contact’ in Pre-Roman and Post-Global Ages
ALESSIO FODERI (alessiofoderi@yahoo.it)

Discovering the Basque Country
ANNA IANNUZZI (anna.iannuzzi93@gmail.com)

Translation at the time of human-machine interaction – Experimental analysis of an automatic interpreting case
ILENIA MANETTI (ileniamanetti@tiscali.it)

Language learning in bilingual and trilingual children
ILENIA MONTANA (ilenieilenia157@gmail.com)

Audiovisual Translation: Dubbing and Subtitling of “Triple Standard”
VITTORIO NAPOLI (vittorio.napoli2@studio.unibo.it)

Language and Translation of tourism texts in related languages – The case of Italian end Spanish
COMASIA SANTORO (comasiasantoro@gmail.com