“CoMe” is a yearly online journal. The aim of this project is to provide our readership with a scientific open access platform, allowing for internationalizing research in the fields of communication and linguistic and cultural mediation.
The journal is divided into two sections: “Studi di Comunicazione e Mediazione linguistica e culturale”, addressed to university teachers and scholars in the abovementioned fields, and “Theses”, collecting extended abstracts of particularly interesting BA, MA, and PhD theses.
Papers are written in one of the ten most used languages in the world of job: English, Spanish, Chinese, French, Arabic, Russian, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Italian. Each paper is introduced by an abstract in English.
The main fields of research covered by “CoMe” are interpretation (liaison and conference interpreting, linguistic and cultural mediation, spoken communication, etc.) and translation (academic and literary translation, audiovisual translation, technical and scientific translation, written communication, etc.).
Papers accepted for publication will be evaluated by two peer reviewers, according to the “double blind” editing practice.
The international character of “CoMe” and its high qualitative standard are guaranteed by the journal’s Scientific Committee, made of eminent scholars coming from all corners of the world. That is why the journal can be defined as a forum where the topics of Communication and Mediation can be discussed and deepened.

The Editorial Board of CoMe expresses deep condolences for the premature death of Prof. Luca Serianni, who passed away during the month of July 2022.
It is with deep gratitude that we remember Prof. Serianni for the availability and professional dedication with which he took part in the Scientific Committee of our journal.
Internationally renowned linguist, he has contributed to the training of valid scholars who also deal with the disciplinary sectors in which CoMe specializes.

Monika Pelz Director at CoMe

In 2022, the “CoMe Book Series” was inaugurated with the publication edited by Daniel Dejica, Oscar García Muñoz, Simona Șimon, Marcela Fărcașiu, Anamaria Kilyeni, The Status of Training Programs for E2R Validators and Facilitators in Europe, Esedra, Lucca 2022 (ISBN: 979-12-210-0389-5). This work results from the scientific work of academics and linguists of international level who have chosen to publish their research in collaboration with the CoMe magazine.

The book is published with open access at: Daniel Dejica et al. (2022), The Status of Training Programs for E2R Validators and Facilitators in Europe.

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«Speech handling» 1 : A multimodal analysis of simultaneous interpreters’ gestural behaviours. Patterns of gestural usage under increased cognitive load during simultaneous interpretation from L2 to L1
VITTORIA GHIRARDI (SSML Pisa – ghirardivittoria@gmail.com)

Interlingual respeaking training for simultaneous interpreting trainees: new opportunities in Media Accessibility
ALICE PAGANO (Università di Genova – alice.pagano@edu.unige.it)

Becoming validators and facilitators of Easy-to-Read texts: bridging the gap between training and profession
FRANCESCA BLEVE (SSML PISA – francesca.bleve.work@gmail.com)

Proposta teorica per la diffusione della bande rythmo nel doppiaggio italiano: uno studio empirico del modello francese in ottica traduttologica
FRANCESCA ILLIANO (Università di Parma – francesca.illiano@studenti.unipr.it)

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